Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 104 - Warren Haynes on the Power of Conversations, Communication, & Self-Talk
On this week’s episode of the podcast, Mark and Andy get to spend time once again with their friend, Dr. Warren Haynes. Warren serves as the National Director of The Advance Program for Gateway Seminary. He is also an author who enjoys connecting with people, developing leaders, and making disciples. Listen and be challenged, as Warren uses Scripture and common sense to teach us about the importance and implications of having conversations that matter.

You can find more out about Warren at his website, Warren Talks.

Snippets from our conversation with Warren…

“Thinking about how we process information is very important in how we express information.”

“Storytelling is the universal language.”

“The number one reason people do not share the gospel is because they are afraid! By the way, that’s a social anxiety issue.”

“Here’s the great news about all of this, each of these are skills. And having it classified as a skill means that you can learn it, you can improve it, and you can employ it.”

“How you talk to yourself directly impacts how you engage others.”

“How important is authenticity to our ability to connect with other people?”

“So, when we are processing encounters with other people, we are processing body language first, then we are processing tone of voice, and then we are processing words.”

“Be in conversation for the good of the person you are in the conversation with… Learn to enjoy the people you are talking with, and enjoy the situation you are in, and be in it for their good.”

“What would happen if we just started acting like every conversation actually mattered?”