Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 105 - Mark & Andy on Proactive Leadership Post-Covid & Seizing the Opportunity Before Us

On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, your hosts discuss a few things we are all thinking about right now and try to give some helpful insight. Mark and Andy discuss planning, Easter 2021, adaptive leadership, the temptation to go back the the way things were, and the necessity of balancing life and ministry.

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Snippets from this week’s conversation…

“If you have survived in ministry up to this point, I don’t know how to give you a gold star, but I would.”

“I think people are going to come back to our churches, and I think we need to be ready for that… we need to be a little proactive and plan for that.”

“Online is here to stay, but people are itching to come back into a community of faith.”

“Ok, instead of ‘Why this?’ the better question is , ‘What now?’”.

“Do not let yourself become overwhelmed again. Remember what you said. Remember the joy of simplicity.”