Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 108 - Mark & Andy on The Perfect Time to Make Disciples
This week, the CLP guys discuss a topic they are familiar with and passionate about: disciple making. Many of us have been discouraged by the interruption of a pandemic. Ministry has been hard. Numbers are down. Groups have been struggling to meet. Despite the challenging times, we are continue our mission of making disciples. As you listen, you will be encouraged to stay faithful to Christ and the Great Commission. We also offer church leaders some practical help in refocusing our efforts, measuring what matters, and celebrating stories of life change. Our goal is to encourage and equip church leaders, and if you are one of the many leaders who feel discouraged, alone, or feel like giving up, please reach out to us for prayer or an encouraging conversation. Thank you for watching and listening, but most importantly, thank you for not giving up on the local Church and our mission to make disciples!

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