Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 110 - Andy & Mark Talk About a Recent Conference Experience

This week on the podcast, Mark and Andy discuss a recent conference experience. Most of us have been to conferences, listened to the speakers on stage, gotten the free gifts, taken notes in our binders, and then made our way back home with little to no practical help. (Most of those binders are on bookshelves or in boxes to this day.) The first ever Alabama Discipleship Conference at Fultondale First Baptist Church was intentionally planned to be noticeably different from the normal conference. We prayerfully planned that this experience would provide opportunities to learn about disciple making, both in person and online, as well as fellowship with other local church leaders who are committed to the Great Commission. When you hear Mark and Andy’s takeaways from this conference, you will know that this wasn’t just any conference, but it was an experience that encouraged and equipped all who participated.

If you want to find out more about the first ever Alabama Baptist State Discipleship Conference, you can check it out here:  There will be updates soon with videos from the conference main sessions and roundtables.

To find more out about the discipleship movement happening in Alabama right now, you can visit

If Mark and Andy can help you in any way with disciple making, church leadership, or conference planning, you can email them at

One of the huge blessings of this conference was hearing from Dr. Robert Coleman, author of “The Master Plan of Evangelism.” You can hear previous conversations with Dr. Coleman on Episode 22  and Episode 28 of The Church Leadership Podcast.

You can also hear from conference speakers on previous episodes of CLP:  Ken Adams (Episode 8 and Episode 69) and Joël Malm ( Episode 16 and Episode 98)