Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 126 - Dann Spader on the Life of Christ

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This week on the podcast, Mark and Andy get to interview Dr. Dann Spader. Dann has spent over twenty-five years investing in pastors and church leaders, and the last fifteen years have been spent doing that globally in over one hundred and thirty countries. He is a pastor, author, and founder of Sonlife Ministries, along with serving as the President of Global Youth Initiative. In our conversation with Dann, you will hear his passion for studying and teaching about the life of Christ, and how he has dedicated his life to disciple-making. As you listen and watch, you will laugh, be encouraged, and receive a healthy challenge to further study the model, mission, and methods of Jesus. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as Mark and Andy!

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Quotes from Our Conversation with Dann Spader:

“So many pastors, I find, focus on the message of Jesus, which is powerful, but there’s much more to Jesus. We need to look at the model for His methods to creating a movement.”

“So I begin to analyze: What did Jesus do? Why did He do it? When did He do it? How did He do it? What did He teach while He was doing it?”

“You cannot be into Jesus without being into discipling”

“Because looking at Jesus through the lens of a leader who is building a movement is different than looking at Jesus through the lens of how He made a disciple.”

“People are beginning to say, yeah, we gotta get back to the basics of disciple making. And there’s no better model than Jesus.”

“Over forty times, Jesus said: do what I’ve done, walk as I’ve walked, follow that pattern.”

“Fall in love with the simplicity of Jesus’ humanness again.”

“I always say this: You haven’t made a disciple, until they’ve made a disciple.”

“I can tell you stories, around the globe, of lay people who have done those things, and now they have a movement of multiplication in their country.”