Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 24 - Jennifer Rash
In this week’s episode, Mark and Andy have the privilege to talk with Jennifer Rash. Jennifer serves as president and editor in chief of The Alabama Baptist. There is much to glean from this conversation about media, technology, leading change, as well as great information about some wonderful resources this state publication offers. 
The Alabama Baptist –


Here are a few memorable quotes from our conversation:
  • You know how you have that person in your company sometimes that you go to for the past information, that institutional knowledge? You know, I never thought I’d be that person. 
  • Everybody’s a reporter now… We are trying to work through that idea of convenience: the quick hit on social media. They will follow that person, and not go and read a true news-reported kind of story. 
  • We are a print publication, 176 years now. We are one of the oldest state baptist publications. 
  • We have… more than 40,000 articles on our website. 
  • But, I will tell you, the crossword puzzles, do not touch the crossword puzzles!
  • The stats are proving that more than 50%, and more than 60% in most cases, of all content is being consumed on a mobile device.

  • That teaches me that the relationships are vital. We can get so caught up doing our work that we forget to build the relationships. And thus, our calling to making disciples and being disciple making believers can get easily cut off, because we are so focused inward. 
  • The news stations, I would challenge you on the fact that they are not necessarily news stations… They’re manipulating you.