Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 31 - Rob Jackson
On this week’s episode, Mark and Andy get to sit down with Rob Jackson. Rob serves at the University of Mobile as the Special Assistant to the President for Church Relations, as Major Gift Officer in Church Advancement, as well as an Associate Professor of Disciple Making, and even finds time to serve as an interim pastor. Rob has been serving the Lord for over thirty years in pastoral ministry, teaching, and missions. You’ll be encouraged and challenged as you hear Rob share about his journey in ministry, discipling his daughter, and how the God has used him over the years.

University of Mobile –

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr. Robert Coleman –

Find out more about Billie Hanks, Jr., his ministry and resources such as “A Call to Joy” –

Here is a great resource for parents seeking to disciple their children: “Moments with God” –


  • “Robby, (they called me back then), would you allow us to disciple you? And I mean I just fell in love with it!”
  • “What I noticed in the people I had discipled, they didn’t reproduce, and I didn’t understand it.”
  • “And one of the goals we are working toward is that every student who comes to the University of Mobile will be discipled, life on life.”
  • “What we didn’t understand is that making disciples has three components: evangelism, establishing, and equipping.”
  • “It’s time for the Church of Jesus Christ to be radically different than the world. And I see a resurgence of that through disciple making, through younger people, and it’s encouraging to me.”
  • “Paul Washer and I were speaking in Romania, and I was talking on disciple making and he was doing other teaching, and one of the guys stood up and asked me a question. He said, ‘Rob, can I do this with my daughter?’”
  • “Through the bad, through the ugly, cling to the truth that God is sovereign, and He promises to work it out for good.”
  • “My wife jokes with me… ‘Rob, if you miss a quiet time one day, you can tell it. If you miss two days, I can tell it. If you miss three days, everybody can tell it.’”
  • “Spend time with the Lord, and then secondly, spend time with your family.”