Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 33 - Craig Etheredge
On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy are joined by Craig Etheredge. Craig serves in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas at First Baptist Church of Colleyville. He is also the founder of discipleFIRST, a ministry to help pastors make disciples. We hope you enjoy listening to Craig share his story and some great insight from his experience as a pastor and disciple making leader. Make sure you listen all the way through this episode for a great word of encouragement at the end!

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“He put a report together, and he put it on my desk. And I will never ever, ever forget sitting behind my desk looking at this folder, and I am just staring at it. I’m just thinking: this could be really good or really bad.”

“There are a lot of pastors that are doing everything they can possibly do. They’ve emptied out their bag. They’re faithful. They love Jesus. They love their families, but truth of the matter is, things are not growing like they had hoped.”

“I looked at Jesus. I preached His messages, and I saw Jesus’ ministries. And tried to emulate the ministries of Jesus, but I had never seen the model of Jesus. I never followed the method of ‘what did Jesus do in year one, and what did Jesus do in year two? What did he do in year three, that took a bunch of rag-tag, looked-over guys and turned them into a movement?’”

“So these businessmen discipled me; because I had never been discipled officially. Now, I had gone through church and through church programs, but no one had trained me. And so I didn’t know how to train others.”

“Disciple making is counter-intuitive. You think, I want a big turnaround. I’ve got to turn this church around, and I want big results. But disciple making is inherently small. It is the leaven that works through the dough.”

“If you’re using the church as a stepping stool to get to the next biggest church, that’s very self-serving… This is gonna sound harsh, that’s like a hireling, not like a shepherd.”

“A friend of ours, Daniel Edmonds, always says, ‘We hear this saying all the time, the message doesn’t change, but the method changes… But that’s not true, because the method doesn’t change either, at least the method to make disciples. The message doesn’t change, neither does the method, because Jesus gave us the method.’”

“Spiritual maturity is not necessarily about how much you know about Jesus, it’s are you living like Jesus? That is the indicator of spiritual maturity.”

“You can just pray for God to give you one or two that will take what you’ve invested in them and put in the lives of others.”