Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 52 - Jarman Leatherwood on Church Planting, Having a Heart for People, and Being Faithful
This episode of The Church Leadership Podcast is dedicated to the memory of Lamar Duke, church planting strategist for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.

On this week’s episode of The Church Leadership Podcast, we get to hear from Jarman Leatherwood. Jarman is the pastor of House of Hope and Restoration in Huntsville, Alabama, and he also serves as a church planting catalyst for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. You will be moved by Jarman’s story, encouraged by his passion for loving people in the name of Jesus, and you’ll be greatly inspired by the faith he exemplifies in all circumstances. Be prepared, this is a powerful episode! 

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“I found out that sometimes your greatest misery can become our greatest ministry.”

“I went through three accidents that happened in my life that were near-death experiences.”

“As we prayed about starting this new work for this community, one of the prayers that I told my wife we had was that we would have love for the people.”

“So, when we started our church, believe this or not, but we started in a mortuary. So, we had about thirty people who showed up, and we had dead bodies on the other side of the wall.”

“So, we had no mics, no money, but we had God’s vision.”

“Lamar Duke, my mentor who just passed, he said something very critical that always stuck with me. He said, ‘Church planting is like the extreme sport of ministry.’”

“We prayed about it, and we said this, ‘We will close on the building in May. We will clean up June and July. We will have our grand opening in August.’ And it happened just that way.”

“Well, one of our greeters comes over and hands me a tithing envelope that has ‘six million dollars’ wrote on it.”

“So, one of our sister churches gifted us the facility we are in now.. So, God took us from what I like to call the mortuary to a miracle.”

“Instead of inviting them to come to us, we try to go out and touch those lives by going out to them.”

“Jesus came for the least, the last, the lost, and sometimes the left out.”

“Is it possible, that some of us and some of our churches, that we have become numb to the pain that’s around us?”

“If we can take the resources and the tools that we have to invest in someone else, to help them be successful and reach those communities, we are better together than we are divided.”

“One of the things that God is really doing to me personally, right now, is redefining how I view ministry success, and just my life altogether. I realize that no matter how busy I’ve been, no matter how much I do, that it’s no substitute for intimacy with God.”

“Stay faithful in the dark. Just because you are not the most visible doesn’t mean you are not the most valuable.”