Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 54 - Daniel Im on Second-Chair Leadership, Sharing Leadership, Leading in the Culture of Now, & Small Changes that Impact Your Church
This week on the podcast, Mark and Andy interview their friend, Daniel Im. Daniel is the Senior Associate Pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta. He is also the author of some great books, including No Silver Bullets (embedded Amazon affiliate link), Planting Missional Churches (embedded Amazon affiliate link), and most recently, You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies About Work, Life, and Love (embedded Amazon affiliate link). Daniel co-hosts the IMbetween Podcast with his wife, and the New Churches Q&A Podcast.

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You can grab your copy of the book, No Silver Bullets, by Daniel referenced in this episode here.

If you are in or around Alabama, and would like to meet Daniel, you can join us at the first ever Alabama Baptist State Discipleship Convention, on April 27-27, 2020. You can find more out and register at


“Then I shared, ‘Oh, it’s interesting that you say that, because I’ve been sensing this unsettledness in my heart.’ He then replied, ‘Oh, that’s interesting, because I’ve been praying that God would unsettle someone’s heart.’”

“One of my friends said, ‘Hey, I know we look up to Spurgeon, we look up to Moody, we look up to, you know, Wesley. We look up to all of these guys, who preached all the time, and you know, multiple times.’ And I’m like, ‘They all died early… So, is that what you want to do?’”

“If we’ve been conditioned for the instant in culture, no wonder that that’s also seeping into the Church. And if we don’t think we’ve been affected by that, we are fooling ourselves.”

“What are the ongoing spiritual practices and habits that we just know we need to faithfully communicate and share and exemplify? There is no ‘silver bullet.’”

“Our vision, as a church, is to reach one percent of Edmonton.”

“Essentially, think of your discipleship pathway as: first steps, next steps, and ongoing steps.”

“The whole concept of echo chambers is so important to grasp.”

“If there’s one thing you can focus in on, it’s reading the bible. Are you cultivating the spiritual, normal practice of everyone reading the bible? How are you doing that?… That’s going to affect all aspects of maturity.”