Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 58 - Seth Sandlin on Bivocational Ministry, Student Ministry, Disciple-Making, the Gospel, Networking, & The Baptist Review
On this week’s episode of The Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy get to spend some time with Seth Sandlin. Seth serves as Student Pastor at Riverside Baptist Church in Helena, Alabama. He is also a bivocational pastor, working as a Service Advisor for a local automotive dealer. Along with his family, ministry, school, and work responsibilities, Seth founded and helps run  The Baptist Review a Facebook group with over four thousand members. As you listen to our backroom conversation, you’ll hear Seth’s passion to share the gospel, make disciples, and networking of baptists for the sake of promoting like-minded learning and fun. 


“A lot of the work I do there is equipping our people and engaging the community with the gospel.”

“My wife picks out my clothes for me.”

“The interesting thing about me being in bivocational ministry is, it wasn’t my plan… For a long time, I struggled enjoying it.”

“I remember a parent came up to me, and she said ‘I get what you’re doing, but I don’t think it’s gonna work.’”

“You’re gonna have to learn to balance your time. And if you’re a student, one thing I’ve kind of preached to myself is, if I have to take a sub-par grade in order to not be a sub-par father and husband, I’m gonna take the sub-par grade so that I can be an excellent husband and father.”

“We wanted a place where Southern Baptists can get together and talk and connect.”

“People have met spouses on the group.”

“What’s interesting mostly about the group is just the unity. But, you know, we use an insane amount of gifs… We challenged one of our admins one time to tell the whole story of the bible in nothing but gifs.”

“And, Wiley Drake makes it into every poll.”

“One thing that has been the best thing for me is, bring your spouse along, if you’re married. This shouldn’t be something that you’re doing alone. This isn’t your project. This is your ministry, and she is part of that ministry. Your kids are part of that ministry. It’s not a hobby.”

“The Lord is what sustains you, not even your ability to time manage… If you’re not consistently in the Word, consistently communicating with God in prayer, then any amount of time management you can do still won’t be enough.”