Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 62 - Bill Morrison on College Ministry, Culture, Worldview, Evangelism, and Discipleship
As we continue to work our way through stay at home orders and social distancing, the CLP guys are still committed to bringing you solid content that will encourage and equip you as you lead the local church. This week, Mark and Andy get to have a video call conversation with Bill Morrison, the Lead Campus Minister with the Birmingham Metro Baptist Campus Ministries. In this discussion with Bill, we talk about his thirty-plus years’ experience, passion for sharing the gospel with students, partnerships with churches, and intentional efforts to make disciples. Find out more about Bill, the Birmingham Metro Baptist Campus Ministries, and how your church might partner with them here.


“Now, students come with information of the world on their phones. They have accessed all of these philosophies and theologies…”

“I’m one of these folks, I do not like the dichotomy of discipleship and evangelism… Evangelism is the heartbeat of discipleship.”

“The purpose of my ministry is to produce Great Commission Christians.”

“What would it look like if a church and the BCM partnered to reach a people group on campus?”

“In the two thousand eighteen/nineteen school year, we had forty-nine professions of faith through the BCM and these church ministries.”

“This shipwreck is gonna end some day.”