Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 63 - Cody Hale on Leading Through Crisis, Change, and Personal Challenge as you Make Disciples

On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy have the privilege of talking with their good friend, Cody Hale. Cody serves as the Lead Pastor at Iron City Baptist Church near Anniston AL. In this online interview (because, yes, we are still social distancing at this time), Cody openly shares about ministry during this time of crisis, leading a church through change, making disciples, and his personal struggles with unexpected health problems. You will be encouraged with all the Lord is doing in and through this great young pastor as you hear about his passion for Jesus and the Church.

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“They say you can’t go home again, and they say that to you, and you’re like ‘Hold my bible.’”

“Three years ago, I was in Africa on a mission trip, and my small intestines ruptured… And let me just tell you, my church just loved me through it.”

“I’m with my family, and we’re having a great time. In the middle of that sabbatical, I woke up one morning and couldn’t sit up in the bed.”

“I’m the product of discipleship.”

“They kind of asked me what the plan was, and I said I don’t have a lot of a plan, but I can tell you what we are going to do. We are going to live all out, everything that we’ve got for Jesus, and we are going to invite other people to come with us.”

“You’ve heard people say that love is spelled ’T.I.M.E.’ And for us, discipleship is spelled the same way.”

“I think genuine, sincere passion is actually a discipline. Passion, in and of itself is not sustainable, it’s the object of your passion.”

“OK, our responsibility to shepherd our people has not lessened in the midst of a pandemic. And, so what does it look like to shepherd people you can’t touch?”

“In the history of the Church, crises have been opportunities, rather than obstacles. So, this is an opportunity for the gospel.”