Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 64 - Jay Gordon on Small Groups and Online Groups During and After COVID-19

On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy have a great online visit with their friend, Jay Gordon. Jay serves as the Adult and Small Groups Minister at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. He is also a fellow podcaster and the cohost of Great Groups, a fantastic resource for small group leaders. You will not want to miss this practical and insightful conversation with Jay! As you listen, you will quickly notice that Jay is a small groups expert and a passionate disciple maker. Right now, church leaders need encouragement and guidance on how to deal with not connecting in person. This episode will be a great source of help in navigating the shift in how small groups operate, and how we can redeem technology to connect people to our churches (and even have fun in the process). Listen now, and we know you will be encouraged and equipped to lead small groups in your local church. 


“I concur with that feeling that being in person is best, but I think sometimes it’s really easy for somebody to connect with an online group.”

“We had one group do a Brady Bunch video… It was awesome.”

“Some people might think our senior adults are a little slow to jump on with the technology… Most of the senior adults have internet. They’re connecting with their families already. And so, don’t be afraid to challenge the senior adults to meet. They can do it.”

“Care, Community, Content, and Challenge… Put those in order of making sure you are taking care of immediate needs first.”

“One is the things I’m starting to hear about is ‘Zoom fatigue,’ because people are online for meetings, for their business, they’re connecting so much…”

“There are so many churches that don’t have a person full-time, or even part-time to focus on groups, and if I could put out some good, basic content, that would be a good opportunity for other churches to encourage their small group leaders.”