Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 65 - Mark & Andy on Balancing Ministry in a Pandemic

On this week’s episode, Mark and Andy discuss the sudden change brought on by COVID-19 safe guards, balancing ministry, evaluating our effectiveness, and planning for what is ahead for our churches. Has your church adapted to the transition from in person to online? Are your attempts at reaching people and equipping them fruitful? You’ll hear the CLP guys discuss some practical ways your church can navigate between the “already and not yet” of this ongoing crisis. After you listen, we would love to hear what your church is doing that is working right now and what ways is your ministry is pivoting to be ready for what is coming. So, listen, be encouraged, get some practical insight, and then share, subscribe, and give us a review!

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Snippets From Our Conversation

“This is not a ‘continue watching’ moment, we are essentially resetting everything.”

“…globally, nationally, regionally, and in our communities, ministry has changed. The paradigm has shifted from just in person, and just within the four walls to ‘How do you reach people digitally who can’t gather together?’”

“What we are saying is, there is a new front door to your church, and it would be crazy to ignore that new front door.”

“How do we organizationally adapt right now and make those necessary changes, so that we can better reach and equip our people?”

“This is an incredible opportunity, and it would be a shame to waste it.”

“I think faith and common sense go hand-in-hand with this.”

“So, maybe we are going to have a corny message team, I don’t know.”

“We want to caution you against using this pandemic as an opportunity to just kill something that you don’t like.”

“Not only were these some things we wanted you to think through, evaluate, and plan for, but we wanted you to know that we are there with you, and we are very encouraged by hearing a lot of your stories.”