Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 69 - Ken Adams on Disciple-Making in the New Normal and Scaling Discipleship in Your Church

In this week’s episode, you get to hear from a popular returning guest on the podcast, Ken Adams. You can listen to our first episode with Ken Adams on Episode 8 . Ken is the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church in Newnan, Georgia, and has served there for over thirty years. He is also the founder and director of Impact Disciples. Mark and Andy couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have another conversation with Ken, as they discuss the timeless strategy of Jesus, multiplying disciples (no matter the size of your church), and equipping pastors. You’ll be challenged and inspired by Ken’s story of faithfulness in ministry by simply doing what Jesus has commanded His Church: Disciples of Jesus are to go and make disciples.

If you would like more information on the Pastor’s Equipping Groups mentioned in this episode, you can check it out here.

Snippets From the Conversation

“I really do believe this pandemic has helped us, and kind of propelled us int our community in a faster, greater capacity…”

“I would say that the trend is that we are getting back to something that is not trendy. So, disciple making is not trendy. It’s two thousand years old.”

“The Church has been through pandemics, plagues, persecutions, and Jesus built the Church to withstand the gates of Hell.”

“Our church has been a research and development lab, and we’ve been able to sort of hammer it out as we go.”

“When Jesus started a movement of multiplying disciples, He had nothing… But what He did have was the Holy Spirit… and He had people.”

“It doesn’t matter how big you are, nor does it matter how small you are. You just have to mobilize around the principles and the strategy of Jesus.”

“Jesus never intended us to be managing decline. What Jesus intended us to be doing was to be managing growth and to be managing expansion.”

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