Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 72 - Trevin Wax on Cultural Shifts & Leading in a New Age
One thing we are aware of right now is change. Culture seems to be changing almost weekly. On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, you get to hear from an expert on the Church and our modern culture, Trevin Wax. Trevin is Senior Vice President of Theology and Communications at LifeWay Christian Resources and a Visiting Professor at Wheaton College. He is also the general editor of The Gospel Project, and the author of multiple books, including This Is Our Time, Eschatological Discipleship, and Gospel Centered Teaching. You can follow him on TwitterFacebook, receive his columns via email, or check out his blog at The Gospel Coalition. If you want to be challenged and encouraged on reaching our changing culture with the timeless message of the gospel, this is a wonderful episode!

Snippets from our conversation with Trevin:

“The Church is always in crisis…, but likewise, the Church is always stable. Because Jesus said, ‘On this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.’”

“The dominant worldview for most people in our society is that the purpose of life is to find and express yourself.”

“Not only do we have a message that may seem crazy to the world, we also have a morality that may seem increasingly crazy to the world.”

“What has really changed though, in the past fifteen to twenty years, is what the definition of a faithful church attender means.”

“When you see these cultural challenges coming, it’s part of the adventure! I mean, this is the adventure of following Jesus.”