Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 77 - Warren Haynes on Everyday Opportunities to Be a Good Neighbor
On this week’s episode of the podcast, Mark and Andy get to spend some time with their friend, Dr. Warren Haynes. Warren serves as the National Director of Contextualized Leadership Development for Gateway Seminary. He is also an author who enjoys connecting with people, developing leaders, and making disciples. Listen and be challenged, as Warren talks to us about being a good neighbor, being aware of people, and looking for opportunities in everyday life for meaningful conversations. 

You can find more out about Warren at his websiteWarren Talks.

You can also get a copy of his book, Discipleship Uncomplicated, here.

Snippets from our Conversation

“Here’s how you can make a difference; first, just get to know people.”

“I have two things in common with every person. The first thing is, every person I encounter, God created them… The second thing I remind my heart about, is that Jesus died to redeem them.”

“Your compassion is what empowers you to walk across the street. It’s not obligation, it’s compassion.”

“I think on a practical level, getting to know people by name is important.”

“I’ve been praying that God would protect you and your family, that He would provide for you,… and I’ve been praying that you would personally come to know Jesus better.”

“…but you cannot be intentional about something you are not aware of. So, awareness by nature, trumps intentionality.”

“So, if you approach the conversation with positive intent about ‘I want to add something of value to this person’s life today,’ that’s going to create the opportunity for multiple conversations and influence to be shared after that.”