Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 80 - Andy & Mark Discuss Practical Steps You Can Take to Make a Difference

Thank you for joining us this week on episode 80 of the Church Leadership Podcast. Our goal this week is simple, we want to offer some practical help for ways you can make a difference in your church and community. Right now, all of us need the reminder that someone notices and cares. Mark and Andy discuss some intentional and simple opportunities for you to love your neighbors, partner with local schools, encourage local first responders, and allow them to know you care. Some of the simplest things we can do right now can have a huge impact in someone’s life.

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Snippets from This Week’s Episode

“We encourage you to give your people permission to reach their own neighborhoods.”

“Because, who doesn’t need some encouragement and hope right now? Who doesn’t need to know that somebody cares about them, that somebody is praying for them, or wants to just give them a little message of hope?”

“Don’t try to be too complex or too formal; just things that you can practically, easily do that can make a difference.”

“Listen, if our community organizations, like first responders and our schools, if they know the churches care about them, that means the world, and it makes our community better.”

“… you can have an eternal impact, and you don’t have to solve the world’s problems to do so.”

“God never says, ‘Oops or Uh oh.’ Nothing ever catches God off guard.”