Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 88 - Dean Inserra on Cultural Christianity
On this week’s episode of The Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy get the chance to spend some time talking with Dean Inserra. Dean serves as the Lead Pastor of City Church Tallahassee, and he is also the author of  The Unsaved Christian and Without a Doubt: How to Know for Certain That You’re Good with God. As you listen to Dean and the CLP guys discuss the gospel and cultural Christianity, you will hear of how we can address decades of neglecting people’s understanding of true Christianity. We also spend a few minutes addressing our divisive, political culture and how it is currently affecting so many of our churches. We must be careful to guard the gospel, and we must also be cautious to avoid being more devoted to politics than to King Jesus. Join us in praying for church leaders dealing with cultural Christianity. 

Snippets from our conversation with Dean…

“If you would’ve asked if I was a Christian, I would have said absolutely… and notice in that answer I just gave you, I didn’t mention the gospel one time. Well, that’s cultural Christianity.”

“There you go, the ‘unsaved Christian.’ People who think they’re Christian, but the reason for believing so has nothing to actually to do with what the bible constitutes as saving faith.”

 “And he says ok, ‘pray this prayer.’ You just repeat after him, like Dorothy wearing her red slippers, clicking them together, and saying, 

‘There’s no place like home.’ And then they baptize you and declare you to be fine forever, because of eternal security.”

“We need to make sure that we are not neglecting the fact that there are cultural Christians in our sanctuaries, every single Sunday.”

“The person in Arizona, who doesn’t go to church is just as lost as the cultural Christian in Dothan, Alabama, who does.”

“Until we see the holiness of God, and the glory of God, and the greatness of God, we are not going to understand love, mercy, compassion, and grace.”

“Much of the mega-church was fueled by cultural Christianity: low entry, easy gospel, repeat this prayer, and you’re in.”

“What’s really dangerous is when it’s religion, but you really think it’s Christianity.”

“Our faith shouldn’t have to change. Just like ultra-nationalistic kind of ‘politics, God, and country, USA person,’ Would they have any faith to stand on, if they moved to a different country tomorrow?”