Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 96 - Andy & Mark on New Year Commitments
Happy New Year! We are so glad to be back for the first episode of 2021! After a short break, Mark and Andy are back in the studio to bring you the 96th episode of The Church Leadership Podcast. The CLP guys take a few minutes to catch you up on what’s been happening the last few weeks, and then they jump right into sharing their personal goals for 2021. It’s harder now than ever to make resolutions and set goals for those leading in ministry, and choosing what we commit to is extremely important. Thank you to all of our listeners, and thank you for those who commit to serve Christ and make disciples in the local church and beyond.

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Quotes from this week’s conversation…

“We know, after last year, that the goals we set right now for 2021 could be absolutely useless…”

“So, I just began writing down and praying through areas that I believe God is calling me to invest in.”

“Don’t make resolutions, make commitments.”

“Don’t live in a place, and certainly don’t make decisions from a place of fear.”

“Right now, we are basing a lot of our decisions on the path of least resistance.”

“We live in cancel culture. Why would you think you would make everybody happy in cancel culture?”

“Don’t let the wrong people influence you to make the wrong decisions.”

“If you are paralyzed and overwhelmed, you are in a great position to do two things: To depend wholly on the Lord, and not on yourself. And second, get some good, godly counsel.”

“We can’t stress this enough. Get help! Don’t try to do this by yourself. There’s no reason to, because there are people out there who love you and who want to support you and encourage you.”