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Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 101 - Jeff Iorg on Leading During a Pandemic & Shadow Christians

This week on the podcast, we have another fantastic conversation with Dr. Jeff Iorg. You may remember him from episode 19, when we talked about leading through major change. Dr. Iorg serves as President of Gateway Seminary in California, and is also an author of several books including “Leading Major Change in Your Ministry,” and his newest book “Shadow Christians: Making an Impact When No One Knows Your Name.” You will love hearing from Dr. Iorg in this episode, as he discusses leading a seminary during the pandemic, positive changes that have helped our churches in America, and the blessing of unknown Christians who have made a huge impact.

You can find more out about Gateway Seminary here.

You can check out Dr. Iorg’s blog here.

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Snippets from Our Conversation with Jeff

“We feel like we’ve been starting all over again about every six to eight weeks for a year now, and frankly, that wears you down.”

“I have employees saying to me, ‘When can we come back to the office?’… Remote working is challenging.”

“The pandemic has revealed that we are, as an American Church, far too committed to an attraction model of evangelism.”

“Every organization collects what I call ‘barnacles.’”

“The pandemic has really shown the importance of stewardship development.”

“And he told me, ‘We are never going back to a face-to-face prayer meeting.’”

“I started studying characters in the New Testament who made a consequential impact, whose names are not in the stories. And really, there’s a lot of them.”

“Recognize, if you are one of those people, you are making a difference. You really are!”