Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 109 - Todd Adkins on Church Trends & Strategic Leadership Post-Covid
This week on the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy are joined by return guest, Todd Adkins. Todd is the Director of Leadership at LifeWay and the co-host of the 5 Leadership Questions Podcast and the New Churches Podcast with Ed Stezer and Daniel Im. He served for several years in various pastoral roles before coming to LifeWay to develop Ministry Grid and head up the Leadership team. Todd starts our podcast off with a couple of fun stories, and then the conversation dives deep into something all church leaders need to hear right now. We talk about the reality of missing opportunities and strategic change needed (and Todd never misses out on the chance to plug something into a quadrant). The few minutes we spend with Todd in this episode are fast-paced, fun, challenging, and definitely helpful. Listen and be encouraged and equipped!

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Quotes from our conversation with Todd…

“He had no idea he was about to go speak to all of these pastors with a Guinness shirt on.”

“What was Todd Adkins doing at my church yesterday fixing a sign? Like, he doesn’t even go there.”

“There is no one that is more equipped, and gifted, and honestly, in the right position to be able to lead your church through whatever change you need to do, other than you.”

“The way I look at that right now is: am I reacting intuitively, or am I responding intentionally?”

“There are churches who have been measuring engagement and calling it discipleship for years, and years, and years. And there is a difference in engagement and discipleship.”

“But I have seen some churches strip down and really focus on what those most important elements are, and I think they are the ones who are going to come out of this most successful.”

“There’s no other thing more sacred or strategic than the local church, and I feel like right now a lot of us are just in neutral.”

“If you want a thoughtful process to evaluate your ministry on, just look at the original purpose of the church as one part of that quadrant, and then look at its effectiveness during Covid. And then say, do we really need to change this?”