Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 47 - John Ashworth on Money, Kingdom Investing, Stewardship, & Planned Giving
The Church Leadership Podcast guys enjoy a great conversation on this week’s episode, featuring John Ashworth. John serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for The Baptist Foundation of Alabama.

Find out more about John and The Baptist Foundation of Alabama here –

You can access information about scholarships with The Baptist Foundation of Alabama here –

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“I went to work for an investment back there, and nobody was going broke, I like to say, and there were chances for me to move up… but I felt like the Lord was saying, ’This is not what I have planned for your life.’”

“I can look back over everything I’ve done in my career and see how God had prepared me to do what I am doing at The (Baptist) Foundation (of Alabama) now.”

“Today, we manage about two hundred fifty million dollars that different folks have given, either in their life or after their death, for various ministry causes… all to advance the gospel. Last year, I think we distributed about fifteen million dollars to ministry from those gifts.”

“Something we believe in very strongly is that your investments need to line up with your faith.”

“One thing that’s different for us in the investment front: a lot of times when you are dealing with a financial professional, whether you make a decision, ‘yes or no,’ impacts their pocketbook. And I don’t make a dollar more if a church opens an account. It’s all ministry for us.”

“There’s a quote from a pastor in the fifteen hundreds that I love. ‘If God be God over us, He should be over us in all things.’”