Church Leadership Podcast
Church Leadership Podcast
Episode 75 - Andy & Mark on Why You Shouldn't Give Up and How to Seize the Opportunity

Are you ready to give up? Don’t do it! In today’s episode, Mark and Andy talk about the frustration and discouragement that many church leaders, especially pastors, are experiencing right now. Reality is beginning to set in with many local churches that the current challenges to ministry are not short-term, and the scorecard for success must change. Leading local churches through these tough times is hard, but there are also many opportunities for the gospel to be shared. As you listen, you will be encouraged and challenged to make necessary changes that will prepare your local church to honor Christ, make disciples, and serve your community in the days ahead. Christ’s Church will prevail. You are not alone. Don’t give up!

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Snippets from this week’s episode:

“God has opened some doors for us to be able to do ministry, reach some people, engage some people with the gospel that would not have been possible, if it were not for this pandemic.”


“The question that we ask all of the time is, ‘What has COVID-19 made possible that wasn’t possible before?’”


“If you can pivot and shift that quickly in something like online giving, why can’t you then change your perspective and make some shifts, when it comes to reading people for Christ?”


“None of us have to be YouTube stars. We don’t have to be televangelists right now. All you need to do is shift your approach a bit and continue doing what God has called you to do. That is enough.”


“If you want a viewer, that’s one thing. But if you want someone to engage with you, whatever content you are putting out there, make it authentic.”


“You’ve got to ask those questions, so that you can kind of rewrite the scorecard, and engagement is the key.”


“A pandemic is not going to cause the Church to crumble.”


“We’re pastors of normative sized churches, and we’re not excited about COVID-19. But we are excited about the opportunities it’s created.”


“Pick a project every once in a while, once a week or twice a week, that you can put your hands to or your mind to and see it through and see it accomplished.”


“Look, if you don’t realize it, God is doing something new. And it’s kind of difficult sometimes to get to the new. But He’s doing something, and He wants to use you to do it. Don’t give up before you see God come through!”